Friday, November 11, 2005

Dr. Wallace looked back from his boat. Though he didn't see the cloaked helicopter, he knew he was being followed. "Faster." Above, Zach and the A-Team closed in. "Where's he going?" Zach wondered. "The ocean doesn't seem like a good place to run..." They followed close behind, and within minutes, they saw Dr. Wallace's destination. In the distant was a large building - almost a fortress in nature - built on an island. It was neary cubic; at least 5 stories tall. What made it so unusual, was a large sphere above the building, supported by an enormous pier. As the boat drew close to the island, a portion of the island opened up to receive the ship, then quickly slammed behind. "Well, let's get on in there," Audrey said. "And how are we getting in?" Alicia questioned. "There's always the front door." Zach pointed to a level portion of the island; possibly a landing zone. AnCharlene took a long, deep breath. After a moment of mental preparation, she steered the copter toward the island.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

"Okay, no need to panic. Just gotta think. Gotta think..." Zach looked around frantically. "There's gotta be something I can use..." He looked at the cell door, the cot, then the window. "That's it!" Zach ran over to the cot and pulled the mattress off. "YES!" There was a set of metal boxsprings. Zach took one of the springs and bent it into a straight line. He dashed to the door and jammed the spring into the lock. "Man, I wish I knew how to pick locks." From the window, Zach heard the faint sound of Dr. Wallace's voice: "WHAT?! How can we be out of gas?! We filled up before we left! Fine. Forget the jet. We'll head for the speedboat." "Weird..." Zach looked back at the lock. After a deep breath, he began shoving the door, hoping to shift it. No such luck. Zach slowly walked over to the window. The moon was full and bright. "Can't believe it..." "HEY ZACH!" "WHOA! AnCharlene?!" There she was, smiling through the window. "Wait a second... how-" "Hurry it up, AnCharlene!" called a voice from below. "Audrey? Alicia? How did you guys find me?" "Pretty simple," AnCharlene said. "We just followed Wallace. He took a helicopter over here. "WITHOUT camouflage, I might add..." "Yeah, we cut the fuel line, too," AnCharlene said, pulling out an acetylene torch. "Shield your eyes..." AnCharlene cut through the prison bars like butter, and soon enough, the four were running back to the copter. "We've got to hurry," Zach said as they crawled back into the helicopter. "This is place is set to blow." With that, the blades started spinning, and they were in the air. "Hang on," AnCharlene said. They flew from the island at top speed, knocking Zach from his feet. As soon as he managed to get up, an enormous explosion came from the island, knocking him down again. "Well, there goes Alcatraz. So what now, Zach?" "Follow that speedboat."

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Zach looked around the cell. There was a barred window on one side, to the left, an old cot, and across from the window, the cell door. He walked over to the window and tried to see where he was. From what he could tell, he was up one story, so digging wasn't an option. He could see the water, and the city lit up on the other side. Zach looked back to the cell door. That light was still shining in his eyes, making it hard to concentrate. "Hm..." Zach felt the heavy stone walls for loose bricks. Nothing. "Well, this is a tough one..." Zach thought for a moment. "I wonder..." He felt his pockets, checking to see if he still had his radio. "Come on... come on... ... rats. Well..." Just then, he heard a familiar voice: Fifteen minutes to detonation.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Time to get up, Zach... Come on now..." Zach slowly opened his eyes. He looked around: he was in some sort of cell. Looking through the bars, he saw a figure silhouetted by an intense light. "Richard Wallace, I presume?" "Dr. Wallace, to you. So... thought you could foil my plans, did you?" He snickered. "Ah.. so naive. You're out of your league, Zach." He stepped toward the bars. "After all, ALICE is perfect. It won't be long before the world is under my control." "You'll never win!" Zach yelled. "Bah. You act as though you'll be around to stop me. You see, this place has been rigged with enough explosives to level the island." Zach remained quiet. For several seconds, only the sound of the waves could be heard. Dr. Wallace seemed confused. "Aren't... aren't you going to ask me if I expect you to talk?" "No... I can't think of anything you'd need to know from me..." "What?! But... unable...error...missingno...function...No, Zach. I expect you to to die! Mwah ha ha..." "...What?" "And now, I bid you adieu." Dr. Wallace walked off. Zach sighed. "I guess I should get out of here..."

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Zach walked up to the door and ringed the bell. "Dr. Wallace? I need to talk with you..." No answer. Zach started knocking. "Hello... Doctor?" He sighed. "This is Zach; come in, AnCharlene." "What's the hold up down there, Zach?" "I don't think he's home..." "Well keep...krrrrrtttzzz...until...krrrrrrrrvvvv...soon." "What? I'm having a hard time hearing you... must be some interfe-" And all went black.